The Office of Child Development "In Focus" Videos
The links below are to all the videos in our In Focus video series. In these informative videos, the dedicated people of the office describe the work that is done in most of our major projects and initiatives.

Please note that all contact numbers at the end of these videos have changed. Please visit our Directory for the most up to date list. Emails are still accurate and correct. Thank you!

An Overview of the Office of Child Development

In this video, co directors Chris Groark and Bob McCall discuss how the Office was started and the work that we do.

Meet the Office
This video introduces many of the dedicated staff members of the Office as they talk about their work or what makes the Office so great!

The Effects of Chronic Toxic Stress
In this video, Bob McCall explains Chronic Toxic Stress and its damaging effects on the development of young children.

International Orphanage Work

In this video, Chris Groark and Bob McCall discuss their international work on improving orphanage care for children and evaluating and assessing orphanages.

Family Foundations, Early Head Start

Parenting is a difficult job. Family Foundations Early Head Start has a comprehensive Home Visiting program that aims to support parents in all that they do on a daily basis.

Partnerships for Family Support
Partnerships for Family Support enables a rich network of experiences and training for the Family Support centers across Allegheny county.

Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH)
In this video, Sharon Geibel, ECMH Consultation Project Director, describes how ECMH consultation benefits children in Early Childhood Education settings.

The Ready Freddy Program
In this video, Aisha White, Medina Jackson and Ken Smythe-Leistico discuss the Ready Freddy Program and the Pathways to Kindergarten Success Project

Early Childhood Partnerships (ECP)
In this video, ECP Director Steve Bagnato describes the work being done in all the ECP projects.

The Public Health Approach
In this video, Joyce D'Antonio discusses the Public Health Approach and how it relates to ECP's work using data surveillance to investigate community violence and childhood obesity in Allegheny County.

The Division of Applied Research and Evaluation

Find out what the Division of Applied Research and Evaluation does, and why evaluation is so critical for all non-profits in order to identify best practices and increase program outcomes.

DARE's Work on Early Intervention Screening
In this video, Evaluation Manager Janell Smith-Jones discusses the work DARE has done based on lessons learned from evaluating organizations that provide Early Intervention Screenings to young children.

Policy Initiatives
In this video, Policy Initiatives Director Ray Firth discusses the work of the Policy Initiatives Division that shares the latest research with policy-makers and practitioners to help improve the lives of children and their families.

The Littlest Residents: Young Children Experiencing Homelessness
In this video, Children's Policy Director Joan Eichner discusses the lives of the littlest residents: children ages 0 to 6 who live in homeless shelters.

The Communication Alliance

In this video, Senior Fellow, Junlei Li discusses the goals of the Communication Alliance and how it grew out of the Something Worth Giving project.