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  Robert B. McCall
Co-Director, Office of Child Development

Tel: 412.383.2302
Robert B. McCall received his doctorate from the University of Illinois (1965), and is currently Co-Director of the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development and Professor of Psychology. Prior positions included Assistant to the Director for Program Planning and Evaluation at Father Flanagan’s Boys Town and Chairman of Psychology at Fels Research Institute. His scholarly interests have included attention and memory in infants, developmental changes in mental performance, kinship similarities in IQ, play and imitation, design and analysis in developmental psychology, the dissemination of developmental research through the media, program evaluation, university-community partnerships, and policy. He has received awards and commendations for media and public service from APA, Divisions 7 and 46 of APA, National Council on Family Relations, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the University of Pittsburgh plus the Chancellor’s Award for Research from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been on SRCD’s Social Policy and Public Information Committees; APA’s Public Information Committee and Psychology Today Board of Directors; and Division 7’s Executive, Credential, Convention Program, Public Information and Policy and Planning Committees. He is the author of several hundred books, chapters, and articles written for scholarly and professional audiences, policymakers, parents, and the general public. He is a former member of the SRCD Governing Council and the Chair of the Awards Committee.