Understanding PRIDE in Pittsburgh
Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education

The focus of this scan is specifically on African American children ages 3-6 within home and school settings. We recognize that Pittsburgh is growing to be an increasingly more diverse place and the concept of PRIDE can be beneficial for all children starting at birth in all spaces of life and learning. We hope you will join us in thinking about and developing responses to this scan and expanding upon this work.

Discussion of positive racial identity. (video)

Race Scan – full report

Executive Summary and Recommendations
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Kidsburgh – 5 Family-Friendly Tips for Frank Discussions on Positive Racial Identity Kidsburgh interviewed a number of professionals involved with the study for tips on how best to foster a healthy understanding of race, racial identity and racial awareness, starting at home.

A+ Schools Education Update (video)
James Fogarty, A+ Schools Communications Director interviews three key contributors — Aisha White PhD, Erika Gold Kestenberg, PhD, and Medina Jackson — about the Understanding PRIDE in Pittsburgh report on racial identity.

Lynne Hayes Freeland Show – PRIDE Collaborative discussion
Positive Racial Identity - Part I
Positive Racial Identity - Part II

WESA-90.5 fm – Essential Pittsburgh
Early Positive Racial Identity Could Help Close Achievement Gap
To listen to the interview, click the link and scroll down.
As Pittsburgh becomes more diverse, how can we ensure young children are maintaining a positive racial identity throughout their development? In a recent study by the race and early childhood collaborative, researchers dive into the concept of identity among preschool and kindergartners. We’ll have representatives from the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development and the School of Education Center for Urban Education tell us about the need for the study and best practices going forward.