Something Worth Giving: Improving Communication on Behalf of Children, Youth, and Families

The Something Worth Giving project recently piloted a 5-session workshop series under a new identity called the Communication Alliance.

The mission of the Communication Alliance is to improve non-profit communication, strengthening individual organizations and building a more caring and cohesive community. Our vision is to create a Communication Ecosystem; bringing together youth and child serving non-profits around better messaging of their causes. Through our workshops, we bring research to reality by offering practical methods for developing effective messages that affect the community as a whole.
The Something Worth Giving Initiative

"I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex." – Fred Rogers

By developing and promulgating "deep and simple" messages and research-informed communication strategies, the Something Worth Giving project brings a disciplined, consistent, and focused approach to the diverse communication efforts on behalf of children in the Pittsburgh region. Combining strategies of capacity building, cross-disciplinary and cross-projects collaboration, connecting research knowledge to action, community organizing and media advocacy, we believe this disciplined, community-wide approach to change and improve communication on behalf of children can:
  • better engage public giving (donation, volunteering, and positive every-day interactions with children);
  • increase public understanding of what children need and what we can do as individuals and as a community;
  • improve public perception of the hopefulness of addressing children’s issues; and
  • rally public support for ongoing efforts to make Pittsburgh region one of the best places for children and youth.
For more information, please contact Stephanie McCarthy, Director of Applied Initiatives, at 412.244.7089 or