Evaluation and Development in Collaboration with the Carnegie Mellon University “Stories Project”

Today, stories about children and youth, whether told through television news or newspapers, or through policy papers or fundraising letters, create a noisy, incoherent, and often incorrect picture of the needs, challenges, and promise of children and youth. The audience, including those who directly serve children (e.g., teachers and parents) and those who impact children’s agenda at a system level (e.g., policymakers and funders) are constantly bombarded by sensationalistic stories of crime, delinquency, and helpless victimization, accompanied often by massive statistics of seemingly intractable social woes.

The Stories Project is a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University to use innovative methods to move kid’s voices to the forefront and allow them to tell their own stories.

For more information, please contact Joan Eichner, Director of Applied Research and Evaluation, at 412.383.1310 or jce12@pitt.edu