About the Office of Child Development

The Office of Child Development is a university-community partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, and families. Through interdisciplinary collaborations across research, practice, and policy, we strive to turn knowledge into action and respond creatively and collaboratively to challenges facing children in Pittsburgh and around the world.

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Through mutually beneficial partnerships with our constituents, we facilitate and develop knowledge, services, and policies to improve the lives of children and families.


We aim to create the opportunity for all children and families to develop in safe and supportive environments and achieve their life potentials.


  • Exemplify a University-Community partnership

  • Foster interdisciplinary, collaborative, and innovative systems, projects, and programs
  • Provide balanced, research-based information on service needs & program effectiveness.

Our Approach 

Most of our projects involve four basic functions. Although these functions often occur in this sequence, they can interact and overlap with each other throughout the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating projects.

Analyze information from research and professional practice.

Innovate with service demonstrations and applied research.

Learn and improve through monitoring and evaluation.

Change practice and policy based on knowledge.

Our History