Office of Child Development Community Agreements

Created at the Office of Child Development, University of Pittsburgh in partnership with Felicia Savage Friedman, Erika Gold Kestenberg, and Michelle King (pictured above). Posted 11.24.20

In 2019, we enlisted the help of three consultants to guide our Office as we more intentionally embraced a social justice framework. Part of that work involved a collaboration between consultants and staff to develop guiding principles for our work and conversations. The result are the following community agreements.

Community Agreements

In this community, we agree to strive to…

Remain open so we are always learning with and from each other. 

  • Be present and bring your full self.
  • Embrace discomfort, dissonance, and fear as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Challenge ideas not people.
  • Use talk space equitably. 
  • Share emotions as well as intellect
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Stories stay, Lessons leave.
  • Hold space for each other.

We are a community of practitioners, practicing humanity every day.

Practice. Repeat. Practice.