Parenting Guides

You and Your Child is a series of easy-to-use parenting guides designed to help raise healthy children.  Each guide is based on current parenting literature and has been reviewed by a panel of child development experts and practitioners.

These guides are offered free of charge to parents, family organizations, agencies, professionals, and others who work with children and their families. 

Behavior Development
Aggression First Steps
Anger Language Development 1
Bedtime Struggles Language Development 2
Children's Fears Learning
Crying Motor Development
Following Directions Reading 1 (Stimulation)
Lying Reading 2 (Readiness)
Minor Misbehavior Toilet Ready?
Nightmares Health and Nutrition
Rough Play Chicken Pox
Sharing Ear Infections
SIbling Fights Picky Eaters
Telling the Truth Going to the Hospital
Temper Tantrums How Your Child Eats
Thumb and Pacifier Illness
Toilet Accidents Second-hand Smoke
Parenting SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Adjusting to Child Care Treating Colds and Flu
Baby Sleep Safety
Coping with Stress Car Safety
Grief Crossing the Street
Praise Infant Safety
Rules and Limits Lead Poisoning
Separation Anxiety  
Television Habits  
Time Out  
Toilet Training  
TV and Movie Violence