HealthyCHILD is an interagency partnership designed to provide developmental, behavioral and mental healthcare support to young children (0-8) by providing teachers, caregivers, parents, and administrators with consultation, intervention, mentoring/education, and technical assistance.  By following a promotion-prevention-intervention tiered model, HealthyCHILD provides on-site consultation and support to our partners within their classrooms. While partnering with early childhood programs, Pittsburgh Public Schools, primary care physicians, and more, HealthyCHILD has supported more than 300 classrooms, 600 early childhood professionals, and 45,000 children and families since 1994. 


  • Provide regular on-site consultation to teachers, administrators, and parents in early childhood programs
  • Ensure the use of evidence-based "best practices" by professionals in early childhood intervention who serve vulnerable young children
  • Mentor early childhood professionals in their everyday work settings and routines
  • Promote a network of prevention and intervention supports which will help young children develop the "building blocks" for early school success

HealthyCHILD Model

The model follows a trauma informed, strengths-based approach and is designed to build the capacity of adults to:

  • Promote healthy social-emotional development
  • Prevent mental, emotional and behavioral disorders
  • Identify and address behavioral concerns before they develop into serious emotional disturbances.

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