The HealthyInfants Model

HealthyInfants is a field-validated tiered prevention-promotion model that includes both face to face and virtual mentoring, consultation and support at the infant’s early head start or childcare classroom, and sometimes in the home to promote responsive interactions, and social emotional and self-regulatory competencies in infants and parents/teachers. The HealthyInfants Team specializes in the needs of infants and toddlers who have chronic adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and work to help parents/caregivers and early educators buffer the impact of the related trauma and toxic stress by focusing on strengthening the infant-caregiver relationship.

The HealthyInfants Team utilizes the following six innovative prevention strategies:

(1) tiered supports;

(2) curriculum-guided responsive caregiving via mentoring;

(3) mobile technology and telemedicine consultation;

(4) transagency teamwork;

(5) community-university interdisciplinary partnerships

(6) interdisciplinary leadership education.

Annually, HealthyInfants provides onsite education, consultation, technical assistance and/or direct service for over 100 infant and toddler classrooms, 300 early education professionals (e.g. teachers, education assistants, education coaches, early interventionists, home visitors, directors) and 1500 Infants/toddlers/families within Allegheny County and the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

Student Training Programs - We offer a variety of training opportunities for higher education students interested in infant and early childhood psychoogy and education. Please fill out our online student application. Reach out to Dr. Larson directly at to learn more.

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