HealthyINFANTS is a partnership among the University of Pittsburgh, and school and community based infant/toddler programs (e.g. early head start and affiliated child care centers) to promote responsive interactions and social emotional and self-regulatory competencies in infants and parents/teachers through a field-validated tiered prevention-promotion model. HealthyINFANTS uses face to face and virtual mentoring strategies and is unique in this manner, providing on-site consultation and support at the infant’s classroom, and sometimes in the home. HealthyINFANTS specializes in the needs of infants with chronic adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and works to help parents and teachers dealing with infants experiencing toxic stress and possible resulting neurodevelopmental delays or disabilities by focusing on the infant-caregiver relationship.

HealthyINFANTS also uses six innovative prevention strategies within a response-to-intervention model:

(1) tiered supports;

(2) curriculum-guided responsive caregiving via mentoring;

(3) mobile technology and telemedicine consultation;

(4) transagency teamwork;

(5) community-university interdisciplinary partnerships

(6) interdisciplinary leadership education.