3Rs with Leaders

Thee 3Rs has partnered with Tina Raspanti and Michelle King to develop a community of practice called the Pittsburgh Education Leaders Academy (PELA) for leaders in Allegheny County. PELA participants represent leaders in over 18 educational organizations and 5 school districts.

Our PELA family meets monthly to grapple with what it means to create equitable spaces for children and adults to thrive. Justice, mindfulness and social emotional learning are emphasized as key strategies that can help leaders develop their own equity practice, cultivate a community within their own workplaces and neighborhoods, and sustain this effort throughout their careers. We celebrate each other’s successes in between sessions and seek ways to help each other become more aware of our own opportunities to grow.

Guest speakers help us push our thinking and have included: Felicia Savage Friedman, Jessica Spradley, Dena Simmons, Meena Srinivasan, Aija Phoenix, Janice Jackson, Healthy Life Foundation, and Kamilah Drummond-Forrester.  We are grateful to the Grable Foundation for their support of this community of practice for Allegheny County leaders.

Research Questions

  • What social justice, social emotional, and mindfulness content is essential for effective educational leadership?   
  • How can we structure a 3Rs Community of Practice in a way that supports educational leader development in social justice, social emotional, and mindfulness?
  • What are the pathways that educational leaders see their 3Rs leadership skills make a difference for children’s literacy development?    


  • Free online mindfulness experiences created by the founder of the Transformative Educational Leadership program (TEL) (Link)
  • The TEL logic model that demonstrates the connections between equity, mindfulness, and social emotional learning for leaders (Link)